“Celebrating 15 years in the publicity business this month, the Mitch Schneider Organization is more than a PR company, it’s a bonafide taste maker. It’s garnered both the trust of the music world’s biggest artists and promoters (Sex Pistols, X, Coachella, Ozzfest) and consistent consideration from us press peeps (no small feat considering music journos are often inundated with press releases, pitches and product non-stop). In a nutshell, if you write about music and you get something from MSO, you take a look…Schneider has assembled a great team…”

-Lina Lecaro, LAWEEKLY.COM, February 19, 2010

SRO is the go-to publicity firm for creative and maximum impact press campaigns encompassing all forms of media.

SRO has the eyes and ears of America’s exuberant music fans.

With the prowess to represent high-quality, honest music from many musical genres–pop, rock, electronic, dance, hip hop and country including the various sub genres of punk, metal, screamo, goth and Americana–SRO is plugged not only into the music itself but into the culture and lifestyles that continue to rapidly grow around the music.

Through the skilled efforts of the agency’s expert staff of music industry veterans and young blood, the world-famous agency has become respected as the ideal conduit between the taste-making media and music devotees that have propelled so many of its clients into the limelight.

Always forward thinking, SRO was the first independent music publicity firm in America to have its own web site back in 1996. Founded by one-time Rolling Stone rock journalist Mitch Schneider, the agency designs tailor-made, passionate press and TV campaigns that focus on the talent, vision and goals of the individual client, artist or event.

In a market where CD sales have started to give way to the phenomenon of digital downloads and video games–and the touring market has grown to include the explosion of music festivals and package tours–SRO has embraced the change, recognizing that music’s role as a cultural lightning rod is more pronounced than ever.

SRO is–and will always be–about Music. Culture. Lifestyle.



The essence of good press exposure is based upon a keen understanding of the media, and MSO’s founder, MITCH SCHNEIDER, truly has a deep knowledge of it. As a New York freelance journalist for Rolling Stone, Crawdaddy, Hit Parader and Circus magazines in the mid to late 70’s, SCHNEIDER earned an inside understanding of the way media functions–and what they want from a publicist. This media insight and experience gives SCHNEIDER a distinct advantage in the publicity field. In February 1995, he formed THE MITCH SCHNEIDER ORGANIZATION, a firm that spun off from Levine/Schneider Public Relations. Over the course of 11 years at Levine/Schneider P.R., MITCH SCHNEIDER and his associates built a strong roster of artists spanning rock, alternative, soul, country and pop. MSO opened its doors February 1, 1995 with most of the employees from the music division at Levine/Schneider PR.

In 2019, the company excitingly opened a new chapter, rebranding as SRO to reflect Marcee Rondan’s promotion to Partner. Rondan first began working with Schneider at Levine/Schneider Public Relations as an intern in 1989 after graduating from the University of California at Irvine. At MSO, she became a Vice President in 1997, a Senior Vice President in 2000 and Executive Vice President in 2014.