(November 19, 2010)

Q: What inspired you to bring Lollapalooza to what many might think of as an unlikely location of a city in South America?

There are a series of prerequisites when selecting a destination. Number one is space. It must be open and lovely; scalable up to 100,000 patrons. Second is the proximity to the city. We provide the entertainment.  The city provides the culture, hotels, restaurants and clubs. Then, most important are the people. The people of Santiago have a passion for contemporary music and lead international lifestyles. Perfect.

Q: We understand you have made a trip to Chile and have seen the park. Can you talk about the beauty of the location?

Yes, O’ Higgins Park has a gentle sloping grass viewing area with the Andes Mountains in the distance. There are many trees for shade. One of my favorite aspects to the park is a large round discotheque that houses up to 10,000 people. It is attached to an amusement park with a roller coaster and people scream on it all day. Right now you’ll see families spending time in the park. Little kids roaming all over.

Q: Can music fans expect the same eclectic music that Lollapalooza is known for in America?

Yes, we found that there are so many groups and artists that have never been to Chile. It’s been fun figuring out with Lotus, C3 and WME, who will be the first to get there.

Q: The promoter in Chile is Sebastian De La Barra of Lotus Producciones. What did you see in him that made him the right choice to bring Lollapalooza to Chile?

When first meeting Sebastian, I noted that he had a disposition reminiscent of the best promoters I have had the pleasure to work with. He is smart, relaxed and having fun in the driver’s seat.

Q: We understand that the festival will also feature musicians and bands from Chile. Can you elaborate on that?

Local talent is essential to rounding out the experience of a Lollapalooza. Sebastian has strong opinions on who will be best. We can not say who just yet. We are also looking to bring some of those artists out to Chicago for a musical foreign exchange.

Q: As with any festival in its first year, there is always a learning curve.

We are confident a massive music audience is awaiting us in Santiago. What we are very interested to learn is how widely spread the demographic will be. In Chicago we have hipsters as well as young parents with children in attendance. It is one of the few places in the world where a generation gap doesn’t exist.