Why Did You Feel That It Was Important To Make A Live EP?

I feel like a live EP is a really important piece of getting to know an artist. At the end of the day I think you should be able to perform your songs. There is a magical interaction that occurs between musicians and fans ears at the point of contact. This batch of songs deserved to have that documented.

What Songs Did You Chose To Do On This Live EP And Why?

We chose songs that either weren’t on the album or had a little different flair live.

“Keep Your Head Up:”  This song changed my life. It was the catalyst that pulled me from the streets to the radio and now a headlining national tour. We brought in strings and percussion and just went for it. It was a really amazing process. Any time you get to use live strings it’s a treat.

“Amazing:”  This was a YouTube pick. It didn’t make it on the album but got a half a million YouTube views which we all took notice of :) I’ve been playing it live on tour and everyone is singing the words. It’s not on the album… I’m freaking out.

“Heavy And The Slow:”  Sometimes when you look at the group of songs for an album, some don’t make the cut. This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written and it didn’t quite make it, but not for lack of quality; it just didn’t quite fit. But it was the perfect choice for a live EP. It’s one of the most vulnerable songs I have. Vulnerability usually sounds good.

“We Found Love” (Rihanna): I’ve never covered a dance song. I love the challenge of pulling it into my vibe. I think that’s what covers should do. Throw a new twist on it. Full band + strings + stand up bass + Rihanna = fresh :) We’ve been closing with it on tour and everyone loses their minds–it’s fun.

“Fine By Me:” This is a modern-day love song. We’re all a little jaded and trying fall in love yet be guarded at the same time. To link such a casual flippant phrase “It’s Fine By Me” with such an intense statement as “if you never leave” nails it. This song is a defining one for me. It’s proving that “Keep Your Head Up” wasn’t a fluke. I plan on being around for a while so to have single number two doing well at radio and getting a great reaction is really exciting. Hearing your song on the radio is a crazy experience. Hearing a SECOND song of yours on the radio is just ridiculous.

Colbie Caillat Is Featured On A Song. Talk About How That All Happened.

I opened for her on tour last year. One night about half way through the tour, she stopped me while I was passing her bus and was like, “We should do song together in my set.” I tried to think of a cover on the spot or a song of hers I knew and she was like, ‘“Fine By Me” is my favorite.’” This is like the pretty popular girl in high school saying “do you want to come sit at my lunch table?” I stumbled over my words and said “yes… Yes let’s do that.” We sang it pretty much every night so when the idea of the EP came up, I knew I had to ask her to be on it.

What Was Your Favorite Moment During This Process?

Just sitting back and taking in that there were strings, percussion, press and cameras all there to be a part of songs and music that I love. The truth of the matter is that’s it’s rare to get such a cool opportunity. You have to earn this level of professionalism. People walking into my career at this level might see it as, “Of course Andy has 3 cameras, strings, editors in the audience.” I’m still very much on a high from all of it. Very excited to get to do what I love at such a high level.

Talk About The Experience Of Having Just A Small Crowd And An Intimate Setting At The Legendary Village Studios?

You walk in and every artist ever has Platinum records all over the walls. The Village is such a legendary place. If you think too much about it for a live recording, you’ll freak yourself out. It’s also cool that the studio is near Santa Monica so close to 3rd Street where I used to street perform. This year has been surreal.